Great Travel Photography Teaching Blogs

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Great Travel Photography Teaching Blogs

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There are so many travel photography themed Blogs it is impossible to follow them all. I have discovered some great travel photo  blogs that include travel photography tips to follow and I am pleased to share them with you.  In fact, I have the RSS feeds from these blogs appear on my igHome page (my replacement for the phased out iGoogle home page) so whenever I open my internet browser their new Blog posts automatically appear. You can add RSS feeds automatically in seconds  to most browsers by entering the Blog  or website URL. The Blog contents are © their owners

Ken Kaminesky Travel Photography Blog

Ken Kaminesky Travel Photography Blog

Ken Kaminesky, a Montreal based photographer is one of my favorite travel photographers because I like his creative travel photography style, his openness  on the business side of his activities and his willingness to share his passion for travel photography. When I am short of time or travelling I try to see his Blog posts over any others.

The Travel Photographer

Published by tewic el-sawy an outspoken New York City based editorial travel photographer, this Blog covers his travels to Asia, Latin America and Africa. High quality imagery and excellent commentary gives this Blog a polished yet  raw feeling about his travels to remote locations.


Nevada Wier Photography

Nevada Wier is an award-winning travel and fine-art photographer specializing in the remote corners of the globe and the cultures that inhabit them. Enjoy her musings, creative tips, and practical suggestions.  I had the privilege one of her  full day seminars a few years ago and Nevada is very inspirational.

Everything Everywhere


Gary Arndt was just awarded the 2014 Travel  Photographer of the Year by the Society of American Travel Writers and is Blog is excellent.  With a candid chatty style Gary’s Blog posts include great photos and fascinating stories and travel photo tips from around the world.  Subscribe to his Blog and get a great complimentary  Travel Photo eBook.




Strobist is one of the first photography Blogs and  is still very popular. Started by David Hobby it is all about using, light and in particular,  off camera flash and is suitable for both beginner and advanced photographers. Using off camera flash while travelling is a great way to manage light on the fly.


If any of our Blog readers has a favorite Travel Photography themed Blog (i.e. Blogs that teach travel photography, not Travel Blogs) they follow or have one they publish, please let us know the Blog name, link and why you follow it by email to David Smith for possible inclusion in a future Blog post.

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